Matrix White

Can your skin be whiter? Better yet, can your skin be whiter and healthier? Find out with Matrix White.

Hyperpigmentation, or the darkening of skin, is caused by a number of factors, which include excessive sun exposure and the accumulation of unhealthy and abnormal layers of superficial skin. Matrix White functions to remove the unwanted accumulation of dead skin while allowing its active ingredients to penetrate to the deep layers of the skin to reduce melanin production. With regular use, this effective mixture of powerful and efficient ingredients can help whiten and improve the cell turnover rates of your skin. Apart from the foregoing benefits, Matrix White can help a.) improve the appearance of photo-aged skin; b.) prevent the occurrence of pimples; c.) remove blemishes or dark spots; and d.) firm up and smoothen the skin. Applicable for all skin types. Good for ages twenty (20) and up. Start my SKIN REGIMEN now. Consult SKIN MAP. Net Weight 50 grams. Price Php 460.00.

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