Omega Control

Do not compromise your skin. Complete your day and skin regimen with Omega Control.

Stressful days and your skin’s repeated exposure to harmful toxins and the harsh environment will undoubtedly damage and hasten the aging of your skin. With Omega Control, we provide the ultimate skin defense and age control system that will cleanse and reinvigorate your skin back from the artificial aging process. With regular usage, Omega Control’s skin control agents will help remove damaged and dead skin cells. Omega Control’sskin control agents will reduce eye bags, lighten scars and smoothen the skin. In addition to its reinvigorating effects, Omega Control helps prevent the occurrence of acnes and pimples, and removes blemishes or dark spots from your skin. Good for all ages. Start my SKIN REGIMEN now. Consult SKIN MAP. Net Weight 50 grams. Price Php 460.00.

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