Savonneux Liquid Cleanser

Cleanse yourself. Be confident and free with Savonneux.

The first step to healthy skin is cleanliness. Dirt, pollutants and unwanted chemicals remaining on your skin after a full day of exposure from your work or home can irritate and damage your skin. In addition, these pollutants may also impede on the effectiveness of your skin regimen by blocking the contact and activation sites of your skin. This is why it is important to start your regimen with a clean face. Savonneux, our ultra-mild cleanser, will gently and efficiently purify your sensitive skin without damaging it. Savonneux will make your face feel clean and refreshed immediately after use. Good for all skin types. Good for all ages. Start my SKIN REGIMEN now. Consult SKIN MAP. Net Volume 100 ml. Price Php 250.

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