Sprizzle Moisture

Rediscover your skin’s limits. Nurture your skin’s youth with Sprizzle Moisture.

Sprizzle Moisture is a combo moisturizer and whitening cream that helps prevent the occurrence of pimples, and helps remove blemishes or dark spots. With regular use, Sprizzle Moisture can even out the discoloration of your skin while keeping it moisturized. Sprizzle Moisture contains active ingredients that inhibit melanin synthesis or the production of dark pigments in your skin. Its whitening properties are versatile in that Sprizzle Moisture can even be used to lighten the nape, underarm, buttocks, elbows, knees, toes, feet and inguinal areas. For dry and combination (oily and dry) skin. Good for all ages. Start my SKIN REGIMEN now. Consult SKIN MAP. Net Weight 50 grams. Price Php 460.00.

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